Just Get Out There

We rose early on Sunday with the intention of driving up to Glacier National Park and either biking the Going to the Sun road, hiking to Avalanche lake, or (for the more adventurous/delusional of us) potentially both.  A quick peek out the windows at the morning weather in the Flathead Valley hit us in the face like a cold, wet sponge.  “Yuck! It looks miserable out there.”  The forecast for the park showed a high of 54°, cloudy, and a chance of rain.  Not quite the sunny day that we were originally anticipating.

Our spirit for adventure temporarily dropped to dangerously low levels, but fortunately a source of inspiration popped into my mind.  We had recently talked about not being deterred by weather, since we have appropriate gear to go out and play in the mountains even on the days that aren’t quite sunny and 75°.  And also, I had sent few days earlier I had sent this little picture to J.


So we brought extra layers and hot chocolate.  And it worked!  We made it about 7 miles up the road before Sven decided he had enough fun for the day and wanted to get out (and stay out) of the bike trailer.  Undoubtedly because of the lack of views from inside.  Why should Mom and Dad have all the fun?  So we took him out, had lunch, and soaked in the scenery for about an hour before heading back down.  The overcast day provided some glimpses of beautiful, moody mountains.

Misty Mountains

When we got home I was glad that we stuck with our original plan of biking instead of hiking up to Avalanche Lake.  Apparently there have been six separate grizzlies seen in the Avalanche Basin.  I’d rather not run into one of those right now.


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