New Roots

“Moving is easy,” I thought to myself – well, at least it had been in the past.  Between the time I graduated high school and college I attended four different colleges, moving states and hitting the reset button on location and friendships each time.  You can hardly call it uprooting though.  The friendships and attachments to a place that are formed in one year are rarely deep enough to be uprooted, especially at college, where everyone knows the party is ending in a few short years anyways.  But when my family moved from Indiana to Montana and I transferred schools one final time, I had no idea how painful it was for them to leave their home and friends of 17+ years.

I think that I can grasp a small part of what they faced, now that we have had to leave Washington behind.  Something changes once you’re out of college.  There is this idea of potential permanence that hovers over your shoulder, painting a picture of what life could be like for the next 20 years.  Close friendships form and wistful dreams of your kids growing up together start congregating in your mind.  It makes sense though.  After college and marriage, we had started our life together in a different state from our families.  And even though we both knew we wanted to be back in Montana someday, the desire to settle down with our special community in Washington tugged at our hearts.

Many tearful goodbyes later, and here we are in Montana again, something that we have dreamt of and prayed about since we had to leave it four years ago.  And now we get to discover a new town, develop new friendships, and discover a new normal.  New roots take a while to grow.  It has been so helpful to remind myself that this world is not our home.  In the meantime, please pray for us.


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